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IGI discusses terrorism coverage with Business Insurance

Time to review terrorism coverage options?

Rein4ce client International General Insurance (IGI) is featured amongst peers in Business Insurance and discusses how policyholders and their brokers and insurers are starting to review their terrorism coverage options ahead of the expiration of the U.S. government-backed reinsurance program next year.

Concerns over TRIPRA

Craig Curtiss, class underwriter for political violence at International General Insurance Co. Ltd., said “The future of TRIPRA is still unclear — the potential of political uncertainty and budgetary constraints may cause concern around the renewal of TRIPRA in 2020,”

“As a result, we have seen a rise in the number of longer-term deals to tie in capacity pending renewal of TRIPRA.”

Download it here or go to the website. If you would like to see your senior staff quoted in magazines like Business Insurance, contact the Reinsurance PR team.

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