Helping Web Connectivity Ltd (WCL) stand out from its competitors in the crowded London and global Insurtech market

Client  Web Connectivity Ltd Category  Public relations, strategic communications, social media Date  December 2018 – current WCL is a leading provider of messaging services to the London and global (re)insurance market. WCL’s ‘enabled’ solutions allow messages, notifications and queries to be exchanged in a structured format despite being generated using different applications. Founded in 2003,…

Raising the profile of AkinovA to its key audiences, before, during and after the 2019 Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous

London-based AkinovA is an electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of insurance risk. It has an exciting business model that aims to digitally transform the re/insurance industry. When Rein4ce was approached by AkinovA, market reaction was mixed as AkinovA had not yet produced a trade. While AkinovA had a very impressive and a well-respected Board, AkinovA was up against competition from Tremor and Tullet Prebon.