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Insurance female leaders career advice to the next generation

Career challenges facing women in insurance

Rein4ce client International General Insurance is featured in Reactions Women’s Leadership Forum 2019. The report contains 20 women in the industry discussing the challenges of their careers and offer advice to the next generation of female leaders in the industry.

IGI’s Rawan Alsulaiman is joined by Claudia Bolli from Swiss Re, Barbara Bufkin of Assurant, Nicky Ablett from QBE Insurance and Kathleen Savio of Zurich North America amongst others to talk about how to get ahead in the industry. and what the current key issues are.

Gender diversity, loss of institutional knowledge and work/life balance

Amongst the topics discussed are the stalling of gender diversity in insurance, the loss of institutional knowledge and how to achieve work/life balance. Working with different age groups, defining personal success and mentoring are also brought up in the 34-page report.

Digital times mean new people, new skills and new mindsets to work with

Rawan Alsulaiman notes: “The reinsurance industry is currently at a crossroads; it faces the huge challenge of bringing its products and systems into a new digitally-focused era – but at the same time, this digital transformation is attracting new talent and skills in order to stay on top of customer demands and expectations.”

On leadership, she adds: “You don’t have to be in a position of power to become a leader. Most people believe that these two are strongly associated. Although this could be true in some cases, real leadership requires much more than a title.

“It is the impact you make and the commitment to creating a constructive environment that will make you a leader.

Download the Reactions Women’s Leadership in Insurance report

Download the report or click here to go to the website.

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